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Chinese e-commerce company is running a nearly autonomous warehouse withalmost ZERO human employees


· Chinese e-commerce firm JD.com hasbuilt a nearly autonomous warehouse
· The logistics facility is nearShanghai and has a sophisticated network of automated machinery that scanspackages, delivers them to trucks and more
· The factory's only four employeesare on hand to monitor the automated robots
· JD.com has already launched anetwork of autonomous delivery drones

· 中国电商企业京东建立了一处几乎全自动仓库;
· 这个物流仓库位于上海附近,拥有复杂的自动化机械网络,可扫描包裹,然后将包裹运送到卡车里;
· 该工厂仅有4名员工,负责监控自动机器人;
· 京东已经推出了自主配送的无人机网络。

Chinesee-commerce giant JD.com has constructed a fulfillment center thathandles as many as 200,000 orders each day - and it only has four employees.
That's because theroughly 100,000 square foot facility is run almost entirely autonomously, withhuman employees solely on site to tend to the robots.
According to JD.com, thewarehouse leverages 'highly-automated sorting technology' to sort up to 16,000packages per hour with 99.99% accuracy.


Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com has constructed a fulfillment centerthat handles as many as 200,000 orders each day - and it only has fouremployees


Located outsideShanghai, the sorting center uses artificial intelligence to scan and inspectpackages as they're being processed.
'Once packages are takenoff trucks at one side of the Kunshan facility, they’re loaded onto a complexnetwork of automated machinery, where fast-moving, automated conveyors zip eachbox around,' JD.com explained.
Then, image scannerscheck the packages in 'microseconds' and the firm's smart logistics systemcalculates where they should be dropped off.
The packages are groupedby region, picked up by autonomous forklifts and brought to a truck fordelivery.
JD.com says the roboticpackage handlers can accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time that it wouldtake 180 warehouse workers to accomplish.


Located outside Shanghai, the 100,000 square foot sorting center usesartificial intelligence to scan and inspect packages as they're being processed


According to JD.com, the almost human-less warehouse leverages'highly-automated sorting technology' to sort up to 16,000 packages per hourwith 99.99% accuracy


The firm employs 17,540people at its other warehouses, but acknowledges that the rapidly growinge-commerce sector calls for speedier solutions to ensuring packages make it toshoppers doors.
It faces steepcompetition from fellow Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba, as well as Amazon,Walmart and others.
'At the rate thate-commerce is growing in China and around the world, robotics and automationwill be a necessary solution to meet that explosion in demand,' said JDLogistics CEO Zhenhui Wang.
'We are investing inthis advanced technology, and other automation throughout our supply chain,with an eye on the long-term.'


The firm faces steep competition from fellow e-commerce companies likeChina's Alibaba, Amazon and Walmart. Many of them also use automated tech intheir factories

京东面临来自中国?#23601;?#30340;阿里巴巴、以及亚马逊和沃尔玛等电子商务公司的激烈竞争。 而这些竞争者也在他们自己的仓库中使用自动化?#38469;酢?br />
The idea of automated fulfillment centers may scare offmany, but as MIT Technology Review noted, many of these facilities were already automated for awhile.
Amazon uses roboticmachines to organize shelves of goods and for routing and tracking packages.
Alibaba has also built a warehouse that's almost entirely autonomous.
But JD.com has been doubling down by applying automation to several different areas of its logistics process.
The firm constructed a network of autonomous drones that can handle long distance deliveries.
Drones are primarily based out of the northern Chinese province of Shaanxi and travel through a network that spans a 200 mile radius, with drone bases throughout the province.

自动化物流中心这种想法可能会惊到很多人,但《MIT Technology Review》杂志指出,其实很多此类厂房已经实现自动化有一段时间了。